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Concentric switches have a double shaft system. You can have two separate switch functions within one switch. Choose concentric knobs which fit to the shafts of the concentric switches which often is 6mm or 1/4" and for the inner shaft 1/8". Concentric functions can be found on vintage studio gear like Neve consoles where you can select the frequency with the outer ring and the boost/ attenuation with the inner knob part.
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Elma Rotary switch Type 01

starting from 21,97 £ *
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Elma Classic Collet Knob 10mm gray

3,35 £ *
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Elma Classic Collet Knob 14,5mm black white line 1/8 Shaft

2,99 £ *
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Classi Concentric Collet Wing Knob Set 21mm black

5,23 £ *
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Concentric Aluminum Knob Black

12,01 £ *
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Classi Concentric Wing Knob Gray

5,94 £ *
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