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Lundahl Transformers Lundahl trafos are characterized by a very great acoustic performance. HighEnd Audio like top Mixers, Equalizers and also quality DIY stuff is made of this iron. Most Lundahl transformers like the ll5402 are housed in a mu-metal housing that provied shielding very well.
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Lundahl 5402 transformer

41,59 € *
Available now!

Lundahl LL1538 Microphone Input Transformer

84,42 € *
Available now!

Lundahl LL1538 Microphone Input Transformer Matched Pair 2 pieces

169,98 € *
Available now!

Lundahl LL1630 line output transformer for tube amplifiers

Price on application
Ready for shipment in 14 days

Lundahl LL1681 Matched Pair - Moving Coil Input Audio Transformer

269,00 € *
Available now!

Lundahl LL1681 Moving Coil Input Audio Transformer

118,92 € *
Available now!

Lundahl LL1941 Armorphous Core Moving Coil Input Tranformer

242,32 € *
Available now!

Lundahl LL1941AG Silver Moving Coil Input Tranformer

937,10 € *
Ready for shipment in 6 days

Lundahl LL1941AG-MP Silver Wire Edition, Moving Coil Input Tranformer, Matched Pair

Price on application
on order

Lundahl LL2913 Ribbon Microphone Transformer

109,00 € *
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Lundahl LL1517 Output audio transformer

73,19 € *
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Lundahl LL1588 General purpose audio transformer

119,81 € *
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Lundahl LL1627 tube amplifier output transformer

295,80 € *
Ready for shipment in 7 days

Lundahl LL1540 high level line input transformer

69,50 € *
Available now!

Lundahl LL1581XL Splitting Audio Transformer

94,01 € *
Available now!