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Mundorf MSolder SUPREME Solder Silver/Gold 25g

Artikelnummer: DAMSUP-25G

Kategorie: Lötzinn

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In both of Mundorf now offered lead-free solders , are alloys of copper, tin and silver gold, the purity of which exceed the requirements of DIN significantly . The alloy of four audio- relevant metals makes our solders extremely versatile - should ideally namely each material to be joined also be included in the solder used . The addition of gold also leads in RoHS-compliant solder into uniform , beautiful shiny solder joints.

Technical Details:
  • 50g, 100g and 330g Coil
  • 1,00 mm Diameter
  • Amine, diamine , urea and lead free
  • Low odor
  • Optimized processing temperature
  • Special NO -CLEAN flux
  • 2.5% flux content - type B 2.2.3 - DIN EN 29 454.1
  • copper compatible
  • Liquidus: 290/554°C
  • Gentle on components
  • time-saving
  • User and environment friendly
  • Purity of silver : min. 99.97 % typ . 99.99 %
  • Purity of gold : min. 99.97 % typ . 99.99 %
  • Sn88,6Cu1,8Ag9,5Au0,1
MSolder SUPREME silver gold. The no. 1 for the making-up of cables and tubing applications. Its alloy with increased copper and silver gold content combines a high melting temperature with unsurpassed Leiftähigkeit . With this reference solder the outstanding musical qualities of our audio plug, silver gold wires and any other temperature insensitive components are protected.

Marke: Mundorf SUPREME
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Mundorf MSolder SilverGold SUPREME Lötzinn 25g

1 x Mundorf MSolder SilverGold SUPREME Lötzinn 25g

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