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Lundahl LL1623 Tube Amplifier Output Transformer

Artikelnummer: DALL1623

Turns Ratio: 4 x 13:4 : 8 x 1

Kategorie: Output Transformer

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The LL1620, LL1623, LL1627 and LL9202 are output transformers for tube amplifiers. All transformers are based on the same core size, winding structure and secondaries, but differ in n umber of turns (and thus impedance level) of primaries. The transformers are highly sectioned with harmonically sized sections, which results in a minimum leakage inductance. This, combined with a low capacitance coil winding technique results in a wide f requency range. The transformers have a special audio C - core of our own production, which is gapped for desired DC current. The transformers are of open frame type suitable for mounting inside an amplifier housing.


Turns Ratio: 4 x 13:4 : 8 x 1
Static resistance of primary (all in series):164 Ohm (4 - 41 Ohm)
Static resistance of each secondary (average): 0,4Ohm
Primary leakage inductance (all in series): 11mH
Max. recommended primary DC current (heat dissip. 7W): 150mA
Max. primary signal voltage r.m.s. at 30Hz. (all in series): Push-Pull 860V, Single End 380V

Anwendung: PP (Push-Pull) SE (Single Ended)
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Artikelgewicht: 2,50 Kg

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