Elma Relay Attenuator switch THT without resistors

Artikelnummer: DA-RELATT-THT

IR remoteable relay switch with optionale LED Display and Motor

Kategorie: Relay Abschwächer Schalter

THT, SMT Option

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The Relay Attenuator (new Version) is an extremely versatile ladder type, 6-stage stereo attenuator with constant input impedance featuring 33 attenuation positions with infinite or 64 positions without infinite. The tiny module can be locally operated by encoder or motorized potentiometer, while providing an IR remote option with teach-in feature. It can also be directly UART bus controlled by a host system for distributed multi-module operation, featuring 16 selectable node addresses so up to 16 modules can be operated in a multi-module configuration. The attenuator comes with either pre-populated SMT resistors or it can be populated by the customer using THT resistors. The on-board DIP switch is either used to set the baud rate and the node address (host control), or to configure various functions in the local mode or to select the node address in the host mode. For position indication, especially when operated by an encoder, a display module is also available.

  • Ladder type, stackable up to 6 stereo stages with constant input impedance
  • Selectable between 33 and 64 attenuation positions
  • Populated with SMT resistors or THT (Standard)
  • Motorized encoder or potentiometer and IR controll 
  • UART Control option with selectable node address
  • Optional display module
  • For home and studio applications

Functions and add-ons

Elma Attenuator switch application example

Possible Customization

  • Resistor values and tapers
  • IR protocol, funtion and cabling

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