Elma High-End Audio Rotary switch A47 Non-Preassembled THT Version 3 Wafers

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The High-End Audio rotary switch A47 by Elma has a special PCB contact-system for audio purpose. The A47 attenuator has 47 steps and can set up to 6 channels. The torque is 1,5Ncm 1-2 wafers, 3-4 wafers 2.5Ncm and 5-6 wafers 4Ncm and can be assembled with lownoise high-precise SMT thin-film resistors (10k, 25k, 50k, 100k or 600 R) or as THT-Version without preassembled resistors and eyelets for DIY assembling. 

Elma A47 rotary switches have a high precise, tactile with a first class surface feel


  • 47 Positions, selectable End-Position
  • Compact design; 36 x 36 mm (width x height)
  • Up to 6 channels
  • Preassembled with SMT thin-film-resistors or THT-Version
  • 10k, 25k, 50k, 100k or 600 R standard input-impedance
  • Excellent acoustic quality and precise switch-feel
  • Solid contact-system with 3 um Gold-covering
  • Motorized, remote version can be ordered separately 

Custom made Options

  • Function and Attenuation courves 
  • Axes, concentric function


  • Studio-Mixing descs High-End Home- and Cinema, Mastering Studio 


The choosen torque depends on the wafers you can select.
If you need a different torque as follows, please let us know within your order:

from 1-2 Wafers: 1.5 Ncm
from 3-4 Wafers: 2.5 Ncm
from 5-6 Wafers: 5 Ncm



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