Elma A4 Audio Rotary Switch Series Type THT Version - without resistors 2 Wafers

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High-End Audio Rotary switch, up to 24 positions, Series- and ladder type attenuator

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The A4 is a individual customizable audio rotary switch which offers a huge range of rotary switches in series or ladder type attenuator configuration.

The High-End Elma rotary switch is developed with a PCB based switch contact system that is specifically designed to meet audiophile requirements for super sonic performance. All switches feature Elma´s hallmark indexing feel for outstanding tactile feedback and feel with a possible torque from 1.5 to 15Ncm. Selectable end stop. You can choose between horizontal PCB or vertical switch design and a THT version without pre-soldered resistors or the SMT version with pre-soldered high-precision low-noise thin-film resistors with input impedance options 10k, 25k, 50k oder 100k Ohm. The series A4 attenuators are available up to 8 channels and the ladder type attenuators up to 4 channels. This rotary switch is also available as concentric version. We offer customized THT version with custom selected resistors - If you need any custom solution, please contact us.


  • Selector switches, series and ladder type attenuators
  • Exceptional sonic clarity, smooth and precise switch feel
  • Low-bounce contacts with 3 micron gold plating
  • Motorized versions available (see Remote Audio PLUS)
  • Customized tapers
  • Concentric Version available
  • For high-end home audio, mixing console and Cinema

Torque standard
up to 2 Wafers 1,5Ncm
from 3-4 Wafers 2,5Ncm
from 4 Wafers 5Ncm
Please contact us, if you need individual torque values.

On the following pictures you can see a concentric design arrangement of the A4 switch. Please contact us if you are interested in a concentric version.
Elma A4 Concentric rotary switch
Elma A4 Concentric rotary switch 4 wafers front

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